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Jim McElley bought his first truck in 1977 and has not stopped servicing his customers since.  Initially operating only in California, McElley Transport now services the entire United States, as well as Canada and Mexico with auto shipping solutions. 


McElley Transport has delivered auto transport solutions for dealers, car collectors, auctions, and private consumers for 39 years. We have locations in California, Oregon, Indiana, and Ohio.  With nearly 4 decades of experience, we are able to identify our customers' needs and provide transportation solutions specific to their situation.  Whether you're a car dealer in need of dealer trade, a business replacing their fleet, or parents shipping their child's car to college,  we have the track record, capabilities, and motivation to exceed your expectations and provide you with an effortless experience.  


Chief Executive Officer.  Jim McElley. contact: 831.840.3630


At 24 years old Jim bought his first semi truck, found his first customer, and has continued down the same road ever since.  Committed to providing the highest quality of service, Jim has developed his reputation in the industry over the course of 4 decades.  As a testament to that, Jim has a variety of customers that have worked with him for decades.


Starting his company in Livermore, CA 39 years ago, Jim now has offices in Oregon, Indiana, and Ohio.  What was once a business servicing only California now services all 50 states, as well as international shipments.  Jim attributes this growth and longevity to his commitment of providing the highest quality of service and understanding what his customers value.  


Chief Customer Office. Dakota McElley. contact: 812.655.3959


Dakota has been involved in the auto transportation industry his entire life.  At 5 years old he began with the important title of Truck Washer, and has since become the CCO of McElley Transport, providing a new and substantial focus on the customer.  


Dakota is committed to maintaining and growing McElley Transport in a way that articulates the company's goals of a value-added partnership with its customers. Dakota believes that McElley Transport is not just a service provider, but an extension of their customers.  He believes that there's more to the job than just competitive pricing and service. "We have to not only provide exceptional service, we have to have a culture and environment where our customers believe that we are the company that understands their needs, and will help them achieve their desired result."    


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