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Prior to shipping your vehicle, please do the following...

We've been shipping cars for 39 years, if you have a question, we have an answer.  Please give us a call and we'll be more than willing to help you out.  
  • Make sure the fuel level is at least 1/4 full.
  • Remove or properly secure loose parts, fragile or protruding accessories, low hanging spoilers, and non-necessary batteries.    
  • Check that the battery is charged, tires are inflated, and that all operational components of the vehicle are functional.  If the car has a non-functional component, please communicate that to us upon requesting your quote so we can assign the correct equipment to ship your car.
  • Disarm any vehicle alarm system, or provide our company with any tools or keys necessary to disarm the system if activated. 
  • Please remove antenna if possible.
  • If a convertible, make sure the top latches securely. 
  • If you have multiple keys for the vehicle, please communicate if they are being shipped with the vehicle or separately.  
  • Most importantly, communicate any and all issues with the vehicle that could impede us from transporting your vehicle safely.  Examples may include: a window that will not roll up, a car that needs to be jumped to start, a car with a custom or hidden ignition, etc. The more communication we have with you about your vehicle before our truck arrives, the more efficiently and effectively we can ship your vehicle.  
Your car is insured by carrier's liability and cargo insurance while in transit.  A joint inspection must be done at the time of pick up and delivery.  If there is transport damage, the damage will  be noted on the Bill of Lading upon delivery.  A signed Bill of Lading with no damage noted, verifies that the customer or customer agent, has received the vehicle in good condition and relieves McElley Transport and/or other carrier from any claims.  Claims made after signing off on delivery will not be accepted.  The Customer needs to notify McElley Transport of damages on the day of delivery, or the next business day if after hours by phone or certified letter.  Customer will be required to obtain 2 estimates for damage and submit to McElley Transport within 10 days after delivery along with signed copy of Bill of Lading.  Only the actual cost for the damage caused by the driver will be allowed.  
If said vehicle is moved by a carrier other than McElley Transport, the customer must submit damage claims, pictures and detailed estimates to McElley Transport as well as the designated carrier within 10 days of receipt of said vehicle.  McElley Transport will not be liable for damages in transit by another carrier, but will assist the customer in soling the damaging claims.   
We are not liable for
  • Damage caused by acts of God, such as hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, etc.  
  • Mechanical defects of any part of the vehicle, and any damage caused by leaking fluids, damage to cooling system by freezing and battery. 
  • Any pre-existing damage or concealed damage or normal wear and tear. 
  • Damages to convertible tops, T tops, caps, boots or any other loose parts.  These must be secured by the customer before arrival of carrier. 
  • Windshield pits and/or chips.  If the windshield is broken during transit, carrier's insurance will pay if damage is transport related. 
  • McElley Transport will not reimburse customer for rental car fees due to unforseen delays of delivery.
  • Missing radios, accessories, face plates, etc.  If not listed as being present on the Bill of Lading at pick up.  
  • Damage to undercarriage, wheel bearings, tie downs, any engine damage, batteries, exhaust, alignment or any part of the vehicle that is not evaluated at pick up location.  
  • Damage not noted on Bill of Lading at time of pick up due to weather or dirty vehicle. 
  • Any loss, damage or claims for any items that have been left loose in vehicle, whether inside vehicle or in trunk/storage compartement.  
  • Damage caused by fluids or objects that fly up from the road or out of the sky.  
  • damage caused by failure of factory tie-down llocations or pull through from tie-down holes.  
  • All orders booked will require a deposit.  Payment of shipping can be paid in full at time of order or the minimum deposit as determined by McElley Auto, making BALANCE PAYABLE AT TIME OF DELIVERY WITH CASH, CERTIFIED CASHIERS CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ONLY.  
  • If an order is canceled; 
    • If assigned to a driver, the cancellation fee is the deposit plus 5%.
    • If not assigned to a driver, there is no cancellation fee. 
    • if a truck is sent to pick up the vehicle and it is not available for any reason, a charge of $250.00 will apply in addition to the normal shipping charges. 
  • If a carrier cannot make delivery of the vehicle at destination, the vehicle will be taken to the closest storage terminal.  All storage fees, COD's and other charges will be paid to McElley Transport before release of vehicle.  
  • If McElley Transport is unable to move customer's vehicle in a timely manner with a licensed and insured carrier, McElley Transport will refund in full all monies paid to move customer's vehicle.  McElley Transport reserves at least 14 days from date of deposit payment to move customer's vehicle. 
  • McElley Transport will issue all refunds according to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.  
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